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Inspiration Summer moodboard

Hello there!

I am happy to share the first Inspiration of this summer on 4enScrap blog. As the summer vacation is beginning, I thought you might like to create something very summery. Hope you enjoy scrapinng with us!

In fact, when creating the moodboard I had something else in my mind but as it happens sometimes, when I actually got down to this card, it turned out totaly different. Never mind, I am quite satisfied with the light atmosphere of the card.

I used the yellows and brown from the actual collection and added a touch of fresh green and blue by using papers from previous 4enScrap collections - still have some bits and pieces left and like to go back to them once in a while. The branch is one of my favourites - keep using it for different occasions, because it is perfect. :)

A stamp from Carpe diem stamp set worked well with minimalist design of the card.

Be sure to discover beautiful inspiration by Cathy, Eva, Mary, Australe, Sandelsa and Fati and enjoy your summer! Hope it is …
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4enScrap birthday gift - Duo Koala

Hello there!

Have you been busy with new fantastic Summer collection od 4enScrap? And you still don´t have enough as we do? ;) Then let us show you another charming set of stamps and die of the very cutest koala by Cathygel.

This set follows up the whole travelling collection and complements it perfectly. To show you that (and to uncheck an item in my "Not Docummented Yet" list) I chose to make a page with koalas we met during our vacation in Australia back in 2010.

Other than the new duo I used the rest of the Branch to customize (used a part of it in my Travelling mini album - here), Labels No. 6 dies, Summer Leaves dies (have you noticed, they perfectly coordinate with leaves on the branch koala is sitting on?) and printed paper PI 174.

This cute duo is a new Birthday gift by 4enScrap, but will be sold as well. Besides travelling pages it is perfect for cards, tags and other projects, as you can see on projects of Sandelsa, Eva, Mary, Cathy, Australe and Fati.

Have a great…

Papercards.cz challenge 103.


chvilku tady bylo ticho, že? Trošku jsem se připravovala na prázdniny ... ty nemohou začít bez poslední předprázdninové challenge Papercards!

Když jsem tvořila poslední paletu, vybrala jsem obrázek, který ve mě evokoval vzpomínky na prázdniny u babičky ... i když na první pohled není úplně letní, mrkněte na ta barvy - to půjde, ne? ;)

Mé přání nakonec všemi barvami paletky nehraje, ale zůstaly pruhy v námořnické modré. Jelikož jsem neměla papír, který bych chtěla, namalovala jsem je akvarelkami Mungyo - jsou dokonalé.

Šablony a razítka jsou tentokrát od Simply Graphic.

Zde ještě paletka pro úplnost a teď už šup na blog k Irisce, kde najdete víc informací o výhře, deadline a inspiraci od ostatních z DT.

Za Papercards přeji krásné léto, ale doufám, že se tady ještě o prázdninách potkáme, plánuji tvořit dál ... ;)

Krásný večer,


Workshop Travellers´ Notebook with 4enScrap Summer 2020

and welcome!
It is my pleasure to show you today my Travellers´Notebook that I created by using this material:
- 1 sheet of kraft paper (A4) - I always use the one from 4enScrap as it is solid and great for cover - 5 sheets od white paper (A4) - for basic pages  - printed papers - from both sets of actual collection - the large and the small one - transparent paper - vellum - stamps and dies - mainly from the Summer 2020 collection:   - stamp sets Travel, Enjoy, Imminent Departure, Countryside   - dies Words Transparency, Etiquettes No. 6, Frames 14,Frames 13, Geometric Transparency, Mill and Cie, Typewriter and Co, Summer leaves, Ginko leaves - other 4enScrap dies: Spring foliage, Fall leaves, Edelweiss, Heart Foliages, Hellebores
Choose whatever is close to your heart - any colors and themes. It is my goalto show you the main principles.  
Other then the above mentioned you will aslo need:
- 90 cm of twine - 4 wooden beads - a  solid thread (90-100 cm) and a needle - an eylet…

Mega Invitation to Create with 4enScrap at its 8th Annievrsary


I am happy to invite you to a MEGA challenge ... hope you join us celebrating the 8th anniversary of 4enScrap. So happy this brand is here and that I am so privileged to share the  joy of creation with the Pink Ladies!

Let´s look at what I have prepared for you! Here is my color combo: mint and white. :) Suitable for all kinds of occassions, don´t you think? And you might make use of some of new 4enScrap papers (and other products)!

Here is your task - create a project od your choice in my color combo and post it on the 4enScrap blog under my picture by the end of June. I am looking forward to your creations.

Meanwhile, let me show you my mint-white projects in detail. :)

If you´ve followed me (at least since the end of last year) you probably know this Christmas card. I am so in love with the little bulb-row stamp!

I also used the great winter branches and little pearls that are suitable everywhere.

The next project is quite recent - the mini album "Travel". Used a w…

Papercards.cz challenge 102.


Je skvělé, že jste nás ani s příchodem krásného počasí úplně neopustily a stále s námi tvoříte a tak je tu další paleta Papercards.cz ... snažila jsem se o letní barvičky a náladu, aby se nám všem dobře tvořilo.

Mě paleta inspirovala k vytažení papírů z novějších kolekcí Alexandry Renke a jak jsem tak stříhala a vyřezávala, nezůstalo u jediného přání.

Kromě kolibříka se na přání dostal i (jistě vynikající) koktejl

a kytka z ráje :)

Kromě Renke papírů jsem použila puzzle šablonu od Marianne a šablonu lístečků + dokonalá textová razítka Simply Graphic.

Ale abych vás už víc nenapínala, zde je paletka ...

... a na blogu Irisky najdete všechny instrukce a další inspiraci.

Těším se na vaše výtvory!


4enScrap Preview of the Summer 2020 collection Day 5

Hello again!

Hope you are already very eager to see the whole Summer 2020 collection in the 4enScrap e-shop. Well, just a moment, please, it will be there in no time!

In the meantime, let me show you the last pieces of my set of Preview cards. :) Day 5 is devoted to Asia. The stamp set Temples and boudhas is so inspiring!
I immediately had to use the circle border  for a garland ... and "hung some" Lanternes d´Asie on it. The Feuilles de Ginko are sooo delicate! 

You don´t need a lot to create a card well-suited for any celebration. ;)

The Buddha stamp called for coloring ;) I added the circle border one more time, Bambous die-cuts and a few dots and a Zen card was finished.

The last card is less exotic. The bamboo branches and gingo leaves inspired me to create an ikebana - again perfect for many occasions.

This time, I went for soothing mint and white color combo.

Hope you are ready to start your own creating with this new amazing collection. But still, before you find it …